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A Decade in Bulgaria


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In 1997 I flew to Bulgaria to visit the parents of our exchange student. As he and I traveled across Bulgaria we saw wheat fields and the harvesters. God spoke to my heart saying, "the fields are white for harvest." I responded by telling God I would pray.

On my last night in Bulgaria I stood on the balcony praying over Sofia and again God spoke to my heart. This time He said to come back in March of the next year. At the time I was happily working in the Philippines. I went home to America and prayed for a year before making the decision to go back to Bulgaria. In March of 1998 I returned.

On this second trip God connected me with a Rom woman. She asked me to come back for a conference in the fall of the year. In October 1998 I returned with other Christian women to take part in the conference. The three to four hundred women were expected to attend the conference; the attendance grew to 1500 Romi women. They came from all over Bulgaria. The ladies were so hungry for the word of God. I began to see their need for a Bible School. On my return to America I looked for a Bible School to bring to Bulgaria. God worked in many supernatural ways to bring me the Bible school we now have. We translated the workbooks and course into the Bulgarian language.

The first school opened in fall of 1999. We translated a semester at a time, staying just ahead of the new students. I saw the need of a Church: BUT GOD saw the need of a Nation. When I stated there were no other schools in local Churches, and was a new idea. I knew God has sent me, and God has been faithful every step of the way. The student body was composed of Romi, Turks, and Bulgarians. . I SAW THE NEED OF A CHURCH; BUT GOD SAW THE NEED OF A NATION!

As the Bible Schools developed we saw a great need for Christian faith building books. In 1992 we began translating, printing and publishing Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s books in the Bulgarian language. Our desire to reach Bulgarians worldwide led us to make e-books available on our web site. Presently, we publish Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s books for the Bulgarian Faith Library and Mildred Music’s children books. We will add more books and authors as the Lord leads. We are presently working on three new e-books that will soon be available.

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